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R & D

Research and development

Laboratórios Basi assume Research and Development as a strategic area of the group, with Innovation being a pillar of its activity supporting its values and principles.
They have dedicated their activity to research, product development and innovative pharmaceutical forms in the health field.

Research is supported by a research, development and innovation management system sustained by knowledge and innovation management, supported by reference guidelines and standards, as well as by stimulating and motivating its employees to participate and collaborate in strategy and generation of new and promising ideas.

Research and development at Laboratórios Basi is committed to close collaboration with other research and development companies, as well as with internationally renowned R&D centers and Universities.

Currently, Laboratórios Basi have an increasing collaboration with Universities in several scientific areas, here they participate in several master’s projects, doctoral in company projects and scientific research projects, in order to ensure that their clients benefit from the latest scientific developments and techniques.

The commitment of Laboratórios Basi to Research and Development has been recognised annually by the National Innovation Agency in the allocation of incentives to the various ongoing projects.

Associated with its R&D activities, the company performs, intensively and applying concepts of QbD and PAT, the following medicine development activities for a global market:
• Pre-formulation studies;
• Formulation development (QbD);
• Development of techniques to improve the manufacturing process;
• Technology transfer and productive scale-up (pilot line);
• Manufacture of experimental medicines
• Performance of in vitro and clinical studies (bioequivalence and Phase I)

The recognised technical competence in the development of the most varied formulas, based on a maximised use of the available technological means and the efficient installed capacity, make Laboratórios Basi an industrial player of reference, with a great competitive capacity and adaptability, proven by the various international contracts and partnerships.