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Licensing and manufacturing

Laboratórios Basi have a wide list of products with a complete document package (EU-CTD) that they can license to partners on 5 continents.

Licensing and manufacturing

The high technical expertise and knowledge within our products is provided to our Customers.

We offer new opportunities and tailor made solutions to our Customer’s interests.

We guarantee quality, competitiveness and growth potential.

Manufacturing agreement

The two industrial units of Laboratórios Basi enable them to offer manufacturing services in the following pharmaceutical forms:


Small Volume Injectables


Large Volume Injectables


Gel, Creams, Ointments


Syrups, Oral Solutions and Oral Suspensions

Soluções Cutâneas

Cutaneous Solutions



Laboratórios Basi dedicates its activity to the development and manufacturing of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms, namely oral solutions and suspensions, syrups, creams, gels, ointments and emulsions.

Besides the already mentioned formulations, Laboratórios Basi also has autonomous and integral production lines, which perform the secondary packaging of other pharmaceutical forms.

The production lines are composed by state-of-the-art technology and by high levels of automation which comply with the most demanding quality international requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Allowing the maximisation of the efficiency in the processes and ensuring that the manufacturing occurs under a high technical accuracy and in highly competitive conditions, this is a differentiation factor in the pharmaceutical market.

It manufactures medicinal products with own brand (Basi) and also for other renown international companies.

Laboratórios Basi has an installed capacity for the annual production of about 6 to 28 million units in the semi-solids line and 8 to 15 million units in the liquids line, thus representing 14 to 43 million units per year.

High productive capacity and the possibility of expansion ensure the robustness and flexibility that Our partners seek.

Our Quality is certified by the accreditation of several competent national and international regulatory authorities, being this the first plan and the lever for our referencing and highlight in the global pharmaceutical market.