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Management Policy

“Ensure the client's satisfaction through a variety of customised services and the offer of innovative, quality, safe, effective products, that meet the wanted performance or claim;

Optimise the performance of the processes and of the Management System through the best possible use of the resources and technologies available and through effective planning, in order to obtain business and energy performance advantage;

Distribute resources effectively for the performance of the internal activities, in order to promote creation of value for the shareholders ensuring continuous monitoring of the economic-financial performance and continuously promoting the improvement of the internal processes in order to obtain productivity and improvement of the energy performance;

Promotion of the continuous improvement in the performance of the Management System and its processes, through the optimisation of the allocation of the resources and technologies available as well as the use of the best planning practices;

Anticipate and diversify, through permanent control, close to the market, in order to continuously adapt the offer of products and services in accordance with its needs, allowing the implementation of an activity oriented to the “innovation at the client’s service”;

Promote the management of scientific, technological, organisational, financial and commercial (including investment in new technologies) activities, aligned with the implementation of Innovation, supported in the design and acquisition of products and services energetically efficient;

Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements that organization subscribes, and compliance with the requirements agreed with stakeholders;

Promote the continuous improvement of the environmental performance, through the identification and control of the environmental aspects controlled by the organisation and through its influence, regarding the offer of products and services, preventing pollution;

Promote the continuous improvement of the Safety and Health at work conditions, through the identification and control of risks and prevention of occurrence of accidents (at work);

Promote the involvement of all employees in the purposes and growth strategies of the company, through the promotion of creativity, communication and activities of collaboration, consultation and participation.”


Published on 12th October 2022